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At Draco Solar, we’re more than just your typical solar sales company – we’re a team of experts who are passionate about delivering flawless work and exceptional service to our community. We do this by operating as a fully vertically integrated company. Most importantly, we are your neighbors and we deeply care about the preservation of our beautiful state for generations to come.

Our name is inspired by the dragon, a creature of power, strength, and unwavering resilience. In its truest form, a dragon represents the ability to soar to great heights and conquer the impossible. At Draco Solar, our fully integrated approach means that every project is handled with the same precision and attention to detail. Our team of master electricians, solar technicians, electrician technicians, roofing experts, and project managers work in harmony to deliver the best possible outcome for your solar installation and for our community.

We’re dedicated to upholding the values of integrity, transparency, and care, and we believe that our one-on-one customer service experience sets us apart from the rest. We know that the quality of our work and the level of care we provide matter most to you, which is why we make sure that you have direct access to our internal teams for clarity and support throughout the process.

At Draco Solar, we’re not just in the business of solar installation, we’re in the business of creating a brighter future for our community. Let us show you what it means to fly with the power of a dragon.

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Community Impact with Solar Energy

Community Impact

One of our core values, as mentioned above, is community and our deep passion for

Colorado Solar Installation

Our Mission

Our mission is to do all that we can to preserve the beautiful home we all call Colorado. It comes as no surprise that we are currently living in unprecedented times. As climate change continues to worsen, inflation increases, and the costs of energy exponentially increases due to over-demand of a resource-depleted planet, we are in a critical turning point where we can either change the way we generate and produce energy cleanly and sustainably, or our species will run the risk of damaging our planet past a point of no return. That is why we partner with local organizations, businesses, and many others that share that common mission and reinvest a portion of every dollar we make in various community development projects. Each project we install and each resident that chooses Draco helps us all get one step closer to a better future.

Our Established Partnerships: