Get a Home Energy Audit first!

Schedule a free home energy audit by filling out a form to have all of your questions answered without having to deal with a pushy sales rep. Solar is not a one-size-fits-all type of upgrade and speaking with an advisor is a great first step to seeing if going solar is right for you. Many factors go into designing your solar system such as the number of panels you need to cover your energy demands, where the most optimal place to install the panels is on your roof or property is, what type of program will be the right fit for your budget, how much you will save, and if you are eligible for any solar rebates and tax credits. We care about educating our residents, not “selling” them. We truly believe an educated customer is the best customer and we are happy to help with that. Your personalized home energy audit will include:

Our software will calculate how much solar availability each of your roof planes has to determine what the most optimal design will be to maximize your system’s efficiency. See multiple options for where the panels can be installed on your roof or property and how many solar panels you will need to cover your home’s energy demands.

We have over 10 different options available for our homeowners to choose from. We will explain exactly how each one works and help you determine which option will be the best for you. The best part is that almost all of our options require ZERO upfront costs until after your solar system is installed so that once your solar system is activated you start saving immediately without having to spend a single penny.

There are multiple state and federal rebates & tax credits available for homeowners. See what rebates and tax credits you are eligible for that will help reduce your costs by up to 50%!