Solar Power and Our Communities

Everyday no matter the event, electricity is used from the start of your day. Weather that’s making coffee, breakfast, charging your phone, or taking a shower, electricity is essential for our needs. Solar energy is used for heating and cooling of water, air vents, lights & electricity, cooking and more.

 There are big energy providers of non-renewable resources, they give power to our cars with gasoline. Yet the sustainable energy source of solar power can save thousands of dollars on electricity bills for homeowners. Its advancing technology is versatile amongst appliances and provides energy for millions of people across the globe. 

The abilities for the uses of solar energy are endless.

In the United States we are one of the lead electricity consumers. We live life through high demand of electricity, which is why energy bills can range from $50 to $800 a month. Solar energy allows for electricity bills to drastically drop and increase the abilities to be used elsewhere in your community.

Solar power has the ability to capture 6+ major hours of sunlight. The amount of energy captured from these panels cannot only power your home, but also those surrounding you.

When sunlight is captured by solar panels there’s more than enough energy produced for your home.

Solar and your Home

When Solar panels get installed, you as a homeowner have the option to choose a battery for power storage. The panels on your roof or around your property will produce excess energy. Power storage is useful if your solar panels aren’t providing enough electricity like during night time, a power outage, or a cloudy day.

Draco Solar 3 options for batteries to be installed so the energy can be captured and used for future purposes.

  • Generac
  • Tesla
  • Solar A



“16,000 square kilometers (9,924 square miles) of solar plants in North Africa could generate enough electricity for all of Europe”. – National Geographic 

The 27 European Countries across the ocean, are able to produce sustainable electricity from solar panels. In the United States large amounts of Solar electricity is produced in California, Nevada, Texas and Arizona.

Solar plants are able to power thousands of homes at a time for heating, cooling and electrical needs. 


Solar plants provide 20% of the energy produced in the United States.

Solar panels cover the cost of your monthly electrical bill.




As a homeowner in Colorado, solar panels are the future of electricity. Providing sustainability and power everyday.

 Helping your home and your community. 

By giving back to the Earth.

Solar power is optimal for the planet, our communities, our home and our hearts. As we are 3rd in the world for the most consumed electricity, the value of solar energy will continue to appreciate. 

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