Here’s How to Find Out- Draco Solar Instillation

Solar energy is renewable, solar instillation is affordable, and increases your home’s value.

Why install solar panels? It’s affordable and environmentally friendly. Solar power decreases your electricity bills, adds value to your home, all while giving you the ability to be energy independent. 


It leads to cleaner water and air, by cutting down the amount of energy used to produce electricity. On average after installing solar panels, electricity bills are eliminated or significantly reduced. This is because the energy captured from the sun is converted to then be used for your every day needs. 


The state of Colorado gives any household the opportunity to earn 30% back in taxes. Colorado is sunny and beautiful, the perfect place for solar installation to save on your electrical bills and improve your home’s equity.

The biggest decision is WHO installs solar for your home. 


Renewable energy 

Solar panels can obtain electricity at any time of the day, even when it’s cloudy. This energy is renewable, the source of the sun comes up everyday lighting our life. 

There are many benefits to solar energy, it’s renewable, cuts the cost of electrical bills, and helps save the environment. At Draco we deeply care about the environment and we are driven to support steps towards cleaner air and water, reduced Co2 emissions, and a brighter tomorrow. 

With many people moving to Colorado home prices are increasing. It’s a tough market out there, however when you become a homeowner WITH solar, your home’s equity increases by at least 4% according to Zillow.

Renewable energy is cost efficient for your electrical bills, safe for the environment, and it has appreciating value to your home and the life around us. 



Sun DOSEN’T Shine at nighttime

By the natural way of things, the sun shines at day time. Luckily the energy made from your solar panels is captured and stored for future use. Batteries allow for more energy to be used at times when there is little to no sunlight, like a cloudy or rainy day, and at nighttime. 

There’s only 12 hours in a day that sunlight can be captured. On average ten minutes of sunlight leads to 1000 watts of energy being produced.

The power produced by the solar panels is leading the way to a cleaner future.

Solar power is affordable, renewable and environmentally friendly.  

On average it takes 10-13 years to receive money back from installing solar. For every dollar you save your home value is increased by $20. An example is if solar saves you $800 annually the value of your home will increase by $16,000.

At Draco Solar we are Devoted to You

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What does it cost? 

From Clean Energy Authority the average cost of installing solar ranges between $13,000 to $18,000. It will take around 10 to 13 years to receive tax rebate money back which is why Solar is perfect for any homeowner. 

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  • 30 year warranty
  • Making your experience Effortless and Brilliant

What is Our Process?

Fill out our easy survey, we’ll collect your basic information.

Then our sales rep will give you a call to set a time for instillation.

We are always available to answer any questions you have. Ditch the impersonal salesmen at other solar companies and know our top quality team, here at Draco Solar. 

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